If you’re reading this, odds are I either haven’t posted anything yet, or you’ve read back far enough through all my other posts to reach the very first posts I ever… posted.

If you are in the former category, it might be worth my while explaining what this blog of mine will be about. Not to try and impinge on Seinfeld’s turf at all, but at the present time, this is a blog about nothing. That being said, there will (hopefully) be many a topic posted upon, it just that I’d like to leave my options open for now, and narrow them down as I see over time what generates the most postworthy topics.

If by chance you fall into the latter category of reader, all I can say is thanks for reading, and keep checking back for more posts, because it’s the readers that will keep this thing alive!

That’s all for now, so until we meet again, arrivederci internets!