Bit of Advice

Dear makers of downloadable software.

If you develop a free piece of software, the number one reason people will visit your site is to download your software. So instead of hiding the download link under a hard to find menu item, then under a list of 20 platforms, then under a list of 30 different minor updates and uncompiled sources, just give us the damned link on your homepage and save us all the hassle.


Who Blogs These Days?

Who blogs? Certainly not me! But I take comfort in the fact that no-one is reading this anyway, that is save for a sole visitor from Botswana of all places. So hello kind lady or gentleman from the fair southern African republic! Or possibly also, Dumela! Or maybe even Hallo! Wie geht’s? Then again you are visting a blog written specifically about the English language, so I think it’s probably safe to just say… hi! Sorry about the rather long intermission.

ANYWAY, apparently I may need reference material of my writing for later this semester, so grease the keyboards, this blog is back in bussiness baby! (Or more probably, see you in another 6 months)