Here’s a quick one for you!

– We actually know the last letter added to the alphabet! It was J, added around the 1500’s sometime. Before then i and j were considered the same letter.

– While probably not true, there is a popular parable that claims most clocks use the non-standard Roman Numeral IIII for the number 4 (that part is true, go look at one if you don’t believe me) because j and u were, in Roman times, represented by the letters IV, which were also coincidentally the abbreviated form of the name Jupiter, that old King of the Gods who might just rain hellfire on you for putting his name fourth on a clockface.

– Uranus was originally named Georgium, but was redubbed due to the popularity of the alternate name. The element Uranium was named as a show of support for changing the name.

– If you think English is a global language, take a moment to consider Arabic numbers. They’re pretty much globally recognised, used across every continent and major language. Heck they even use them in North Korea!

Arabic Numbers used in North Korea

Kim Jong Un crushing capitalism by using three phones simultaneously and an Apple Mac.

Thats all for now. Favorite random language facts in the comments pls and thnx.


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